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The Smoky Mountains Premier Arch Support Store in Gatlinburg, TN

Store ESTB 1979

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The Body Works is a manufacturer’s outlet store in the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg Tennessee. It is located in the Mountain Mall at traffic light six. This year we celebrate 40 years at this location.

We sell arch supports that have been on the market for over 50 years and they have shown themselves capable of changing your life.

Our products are not sold online! Why? Because for maximum benefit arch supports must be fitted to your arch and not your shoes. We will expertly fit the support so that your center of gravity is shifted over the arch of the foot. This is where it should be in order for your foot and body to be properly balanced and to function efficiently.

When you are properly balanced the function of the foot is normalized, posture is improved, and muscles can function more efficiently. The results are less pain in the areas of the foot, knee, hip and back. Endurance is also improved because your muscles can function using less effort on your part.

Stop by and see what The Body Works can do for You.



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